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A new generation of a web-based application for subsurface propagation resistivity modeling, and the advanced machine-learning supported inversions. 

digitalized solution

Artificial intelligence in the cloud

WebSteer enables industrial digitalization and advanced modelings. We run computational heavy algorithms in the cloud, which means you set up the jobs and let us care about the AI-supported calculation behind. 



High Resolution

  Large DoI (> 100 feet)

what we have

forward modeling

WebSteer provides both out-of-the-box solutions and customization for both 1D and 2D forward modeling. The forward modeling and tool simulation are vendor-flexible. It is capable of simulating the major vendor tools including the deep resistivity and the new general of ultra-deep resistivity LWD tools. 

The fast forward modeling is enhanced by GPU computing. 

    1D modeling in milliseconds

    2D modeling in seconds


Advanced inversion and

The curves of deep/ultra-deep resistivity are charming but intricate for interpretation. The conventional inversion methods are incapable of model interpretation.

WebSteer embraces the modern techniques of data science and machine learning. We use hybrid schemes of all deterministic, statistical, and deep learning solutions to reconstruct the complex, multi-layer earth model structure. 

Core inversion algorithms

Occam, LMA, MCMC, trans-MCMC, and Deep-learning…

Computational infrastructure

Parallel Computing in the cloud, GPU platform, workstations

Uncertainty quantification

WebSteer also wants to assure you the confidence of the interpreted earth model. By using statistical inversions, the model uncertainty can be easily handled. 



We have included all features in an out-of-the-box, user-intuitive, and light-weight solution

Multi-functional Control Zone

Project system, support the industrial standard format of survey files and data files

.las .csv .xlsx .txt …

User-friendly Data Panel

Easily handle all survey, logging, simulation datasets

Interactive 1D Track

Support for both horizontal and vertical

Multiple tracks available

Customization on curve properties

High-performance response

User-intuitive actions

Interactive 2D Earth Model

Intuitively create/edit 2D earth model | Present the inverse model | visualize the model uncertainty

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