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Cyentech offers a series of consulting and customized services within the domains of 1D/2D EM modeling, subsurface data interpretation and imaging, earth model characterization, and digital transformation of the existing solutions. Our exercises integrate the domain knowledge of geoscience and energy exploration, with cutting-edge technologies, specifically the fast and rigorous modeling, high-performance inversion, physics-driven deep learning models, and the software development of data processing and visualization.


As an advanced logging-while-drilling (LWD) technique, propagation resistivity provides a deep-looking and look-ahead capability for subsurface drilling and exploration. The depth of investigation (DoI) can be 100 feet (30 m) and even further. Hence, the technique plays an essential role in the specific tasks where the traditional tools are usually compromised. 

Modeling tool EM response and inverting to the earth model electrical properties are the key steps that guarantee the successful use of propagation tools. As a vendor-flexible service, Cyentech can serve the rigorous and high-performance forward/inverse modeling, no matter which vendor you choose. 


1D or 2D EM modeling and curves construction (vendor dependent)

  • Support for the traditional and new generation of azimuthal resistivity LWD tools
  • Multi-frequencies and spacings, 2MHz – 2kHz, single tool or long-spacing BHA
  • GPU-accelerated and accurate modeling

1D or 2D model inversion

  • Industry-leading inversion algorithms developed with National Labs
  • Support the fast deterministic inversion of the multi-layer earth model
  • Statistical Bayesian inversion for model uncertainty assessment, and support large-scale tasks
  • Parallel computing system including, multi-thread workstation, cluster, or cloud computing
  • new! A physics-driven deep learning model for solving hundreds of logging points inversion in just second

Out-of-the-box solution

  • We also offer an out-of-the-box solution that wraps up all the essential functionalities
  • For further details, please visit our product page.


Cyentech is experienced in the resistivity service and its tool modeling. We are offering the best modeling capability to our clients. We provide multiple options for this service,

  • Licensing of the out-of-the-box modeling software WebSteer
  • Libraries licensing of all core algorithms
  • Consulting and customized development for your tasks

We want to assure you of the best performance, and the final target would be 

  • Maximizing your asset value
  • Cutting down the cost you might have during the development
  • Minimizing the potential risk and environmental damage due to a failed modeling




Cyentech masters EM modeling, mathematically and practically. EM telemetry builds the data link between subsurface and ground with a much higher rate of data transmission.

No matter unconventional well or geothermal drilling, successful modeling before and during the use of EM telemetry system matters a lot. Otherwise, the compromised modeling may cause failed data transmission as well as a failed subsurface development. 


Cyentech investigated an advanced modeling methodology and offers an industry-specific solution. It provides an optimization modeling experience to establish a reliable EM telemetry system. Our efforts were made to achieve a higher modeling accuracy and less time consumption. The service was benchmarked with the generic commercial software including COMSOL, ANSYS, and CST. And we are confident to provide the consulting and customization service including

  • Optimized and high-reliable modeling solution for EM telemetry
  • Potentially 100x faster speed for the general EM telemetry modeling 
  • Cloud implementation for easy and fast test and run of your deployment


The target of this service is to maximize the asset value with fast and reliable communication system design and modeling. We also aim to minimize any potential risks due to failed EM telemetry system. Cyentech offers multiple options including

  • Licensing of EM telemetry modeling toolbox and library
  • Consulting of EM telemetry system design
  • Customized services in developing integration solution




Promoting green energy has been rooted in the gene of Cyentech. Our long-terms exercise of fast and accurate EM modeling guarantees the efficiency and safety of exploration and production. We believe that is our responsibility to move energy green. 

CO2 plume monitoring is what we are interested in. The captured carbon dioxide is deposited underground, Cyentech can help safer storage and minimize the risk of leakage and environmental contamination. We use joint inversion by seismic data and EM data to reconstruct the details of the CO2 plume, which comes with higher resolution and higher accuracy compared with the current methods. 


Monitoring CO2 plume sometimes needs the reconstruction of the subsurface earth model. Some traditional approaches include seismic tomography and EM imaging. The former one has a relatively higher resolution, however, is difficult to distinguish different subsurface fluids. The latter approach is sensitive to the subsurface interface but with lower resolution. Both approaches have their drawback and low efficiency. 

Cyentech is actively engaging in the research of a deep learning enhanced framework specifically for CO2 plume reservoir monitoring in real-time. We combined seismic data and EM data together with a deep learning model. The carefully trained and tuned model can achieve optimal performance for accurate and fast monitoring results. 

It minimizes the risk of failed CO2 plume monitoring and guarantees the safety and efficiency of a real-time CO2 reservoir reconstruction. In a summary, we developed the

  • Joint inversion of multi-physics monitoring data including seismic and electromagnetic data
  • Deep learning framework using deep neural network and large training dataset
  • Tuning specified for CO2 storage reservoirs and reached high-performance and accuracy


Cyentech has multiple ongoing tasks and projects of CO2 plume monitoring. The developed framework has been tested by multiple field datasets. We actively offer the services of 

  • Consulting and design of your CO2 monitoring project
  • Customization and library licensing for your project



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