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Cyentech is a startup consulting company born in 2015, Houston, the capital of energy. Our primary target is to deliver top-quality consultancy and customizable solutions for the energy industry. 

Following the trend of emerging technologies and the movement of green energy, we are dedicated to making the industrial transformation successful and environmentally friendly. We understand that the state-of-the-art techniques of high-performance physical modeling, machine learn, as well as the new generation of computational infrastructure, can help minimize the environmental hazard and maximize your asset performance


For the years of research and exercise in both academia and the energy industry, our group has been growing as well as our accomplishments. Until now, our group has published over 200 scientific articles and over 100 patents. The current efforts are put in ongoing projects. We are glad to be recognized by our customers, partners, and federal agency. 


We always believe that new technologies are changing the industry all the time. We hope we can serve you with our unique solutions. Our research team and partners are working together every day to transfer lab research into valuable industrial applications.

Cyentech Consulting LLC

5000 Gulf Freeway
Building 4, Room 230
University of Houston Technology Bridge (UHTB)
Houston, TX 77023

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