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Cyentech respects the value of carbon neutrality. On a mission of promoting clean energy solutions, we provide a series of environment-friendly and high-efficiency earth exploration services by adopting state-of-the-art EM modeling and machine learning techniques. 


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Consulting service

Want professional feedback or guidance to your next success? Our experts are ready to help.

product licensing

Our core product provides state-of-the-art capability of EM modeling and data interpretation.

customized Solutions

Our research team can fulfill customized solution for the individual requirement.

We are specialized in


Learning from the inside earth is never easy and sometimes compromised by the failed drilling and data interpretation. We are specialized in EM modeling and inversion of modern propagation resistivity measurements. The highlight tasks include:

  • Fast and accurate 1D and 2D forward EM modeling
  • Conventional and machine learning assisted inversion algorithms
  • Model uncertainty assessment to ensure the minimum risk of real-time data inversion
  • GPU and Cloud accelerated forward/inversion modeling

HIGH-performance em telemetry

Telemetry helps send data from the downhole to the surface and
from the surface to the downhole in real-time. Compared to mud-pulse telemetry, electromagnetic (EM) telemetry can be applied in underbalanced drilling and in areas where the loss of circulation is prevalent, such as shale gas and geothermal drilling. Electromagnetic telemetry also has the potential to achieve a much higher rate of data transmission. Cyentech has rich experience in fast EM simulation. We offer

  •  Fast and reliable simulation for the service companies to achieve the maximum capacity of their EM telemetry system
  • Our enhanced GPU-accelerated solution is low-cost and high-performance than the current generic commercial software

co2 plume monitoring

As a key step that moving forwards to the green energy era, the applications in Carbon Capture and Storage become more important than ever. We prioritized the research and development specifically for the CO2 plume monitoring task.

Cyentech investigated a deep learning enhanced framework specifically for CO2 plume reservoir monitoring in real-time. It minimizes the risk of failed CO2 plume monitoring and guarantees the safety and efficiency of real-time reservoir monitoring.

  • Joint inversion of multi-physics monitoring data including seismic and electromagnetic data
  • Deep learning framework using deep neural network and large training dataset
  • Tuned specified for CO2 storage reservoirs and reached high-performance and accuracy
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Our company

Cyentech was founded in 2015 with the primary objective to deliver top-quality consultancy for the energy industry.

our services

We provide customizable software packages for fast modeling, high-quality subsurface imaging, and intelligent data analysis.

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We promise to help our clients maximize the value of their geophysical and petrophysical data and products.

Cyentech Consulting LLC

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